Cleaning Services

Jet Washing services. Ensuring the cleanest driveways, patios and houses across sussex


Driveways & Patios

Our expert team use the latest tech to blast away dirt, grime, and other unsightly stains from your driveway and patio.  more  

Gutter Cleaning & Clearing

Our team of professionals uses specialised equipment to hoover out, clear and clean your gutters, removing all debris and ensuring that water can flow smoothly through the drainage...  more  

Soffits, Fascias & Windows

When you think about cleaning your house, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? The windows, of course!   more  

Static Homes & Caravans

Whether you own a caravan or a static home, you can be sure that the elements will take their toll over time.   more  

Boat Cleaning

If you want to keep the hull of your boat in tip-top condition, our simple yet effective boat hull cleaning service is the perfect option.   more  

Roof Cleaning

If you’re looking to protect your roof and preserve its longevity, Mr Bright Drive are here for you.   more  

Truck Jet Washing

Our team takes the time to carefully inspect your truck and identify any areas that require extra attention, ensuring that every inch of your truck is thoroughly cleaned.  more  

Agricultural Machinery Cleaning

When it comes to agricultural machinery, regular, thorough cleaning is vital to longevity and efficient operation.  more  

General Jet Washing Services

Whether you need patio, boat, truck, house exterior or driveway cleaning in Brighton, you can trust that we offer the service you need.   more